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Ten Ways to Save on Car Insurance


If you are currently searching for a car insurance quote, you should know that there are many effective ways that will help you save money. At Save Today Auto Insurance, we are dedicated to helping you find the best quote available to you with our simple and time-saving quote finder. However, before you search for a quote, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the options available to you. Here are ten ways that you can save on auto insurance today.


Get Auto Insurance Quotes Online

Car insurance comparison is the first step toward finding a good quote.

Shopping online for car insurance makes it easy to compare quotes from different car insurance providers. A little online research can go a long way in helping you to find the best deal to fit your unique needs. Provider websites usually list their own rates on their website, as well as the rates of other companies. By looking at the rates side by side, you can better understand what you will need to pay for car insurance.

You can also look for contact information online. Don't be afraid to contact a company's helpdesk or representative in order to get direct contact with someone to ask specific questions. Many websites now feature live chat options, which provide a faster alternative to email.

When it comes to shopping for an auto insurance quote, time spent researching is time well spent. Saving money means making the effort to find the best deal available. The internet is one of the most valuable tools you have wehn shopping for car insurance quotes, because it puts all the information you n eed right at your finger tips.


Ask About Discounts

If you have an excellent driving record, you may qualify for a "Good Driver" discount.

In addition to the Good Driver disocunt, you may qualify for one of these other discounts: Good Student Discounts, Retirement Discounts, Loyalty Discounts and Association and Group Discounts.

You may also want to ask your provider about "bundling" discounts. If your provider carries more than one kind of insurance, you can "bundle" insurance types together and receive a discount. For example homeowner's insurance and car insurance can be bundled together in order to save you money

Never hesitate to ask your provider if you qualitfy for a certain discount. Oftentimes, they will not volunteer this information.


Get a Safety Upgrade

Regular tune ups and safety checks are the best kind of insurance you can have for your car.

Accidents due to poor maintenance often result in higher auto insurance quotes. By making sure that your vehicle's safety features are up-to-date you can avoid the stress and hassle related to breaking down on the road, in addition to steering clear of unnecessary collisions and violations that may result in increased insurance rates.

In addition to keeping your brakes, fluids, belts and hoses in check, make sure to buy a car with safety features like anti-lock brakes, an alarm and air bags. If your car has these safety features, an insurance company is more likely to give you a low auto insurance quote.


Improve Your Credit Score

A person's credit score says a lot about them, and insurance companies are increasingly using credit scores as a major factor in determining an auto insurance quote.

If you are in debt, or have a very low credit score, insurance companies may see you as a high risk driver. While your driving history, age and gender play a factor in what kind of quote you receive, your financial history will also play a part.

A good credit score means that you will get a lower premium rate. Even if you have other risks, having good credit will play a major role in lowering your car insurance qutoe, because insurance companies have typically experienced fewer losses with applicants that possess good credit scores.


Increase Your Deductible

A deductible is the amount of money you pay out of pocket after making a claim, before your insurance company pays for the damage of your vehicle.

A deductible applies to both comprehensive coverage and collision coverage, althought it does not apply to liability coverage. It specifically covers any damage that is done to your car during a collision.

You can lower your premium by increasing your deductible. In fact, paying $1,000 more on your deductible can end up saving you 40%.


Take a Driving Class

If you have the time, take a defensive driving course.

Often these courses are offered at discount prices, and provide certification. Becoming a certified defensive driver shows insurance providers that you are lower risk, and can lead to a lower auto insurance quote.


Buy Minimum Insurance

If you are very concerned about saving money on car insurance, you always have the option to buy only the minimum amount required.

Minimum requirements vary by state, so make sure that you do some research before buying. If your car is not worth as much as the amount you are expected to pay in surance, then you may want to forgo collision and comprehensive coverage, which, together, account for about 40% of your premium. These coverage plans cover the value of your car in he case of extreme danger; however, if your car is not worth anything, it doesn't really make sense to buy this insurance. If you are unsure what your car is worth, you may want to consult the Kelley Bluebook.


Ask about Low-Mileage Discounts

Some auto insurance companies offer special discoutns to drivers who accrue a lower than average number of miles in a year.

Carpooling to work every day can also lead to low-mileage discounts. As stated in our second trip, you should always ask an auto insurance provider about what discounts are available to you. if you don't ask, they may not tell you.


Seek Out Programs for Low-Income Families

There are options available that may help lower income families find reasonable auto insurance quotes.

Some of these are state implemented programs that help lower income families obtain car insurance. One such program is the California Low cost Automobile Insurance Plan. A program like this is invaluable for families in need of low car insurance quotes.

These programs often require some verification of eligibility, so you should be prepared to show proof of income and a clean driving record. If you have any doubts about your eligibility, check with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles to see if you qualify. It's important that anyone who drives has car insurance, both for their own protection and for the protection of other motorists on the road.


Insure Family Members on the Same Policy

If there are mutliple vehicles in your family, put them all on the same policy.

Oftentimes an insurance company will offer discounts to households with more than one vehicle.

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